New Colorway

Windsong Our newest colorway has arrived!  Crisp red and clear blue dominate this colorway with support from deep salmon orange, warm brown and cool grey. Springtime birds with their most attractive plumage come to mind.  Click on the picture above or HERE to take a closer look. Inspiration for colorways come from the most varied andContinue reading “New Colorway”

Twisted travels to TNNA – The National Needle Arts Association

Fiber Floozie Deb and I (Twisted Beth) spent the weekend traveling to Indianapolis to attend TNNA.  We attended classes to learn more about the industry and braved the showroom floor with the masses of knitting enthusiasts.  Wow!  Talk about a yarngasam!  There was yarn and color everywhere we turned.  It was so amazing to spendContinue reading “Twisted travels to TNNA – The National Needle Arts Association”