Our Colorways

We pulled together a list of our colorways for your reference.

Colorway: Agate: This seasoned colorway features dusky blues, olive greens, and smokey amethyst making is a truly wearable color. Great for any wardrobe. They guys will love this one!

Colorway: Ankh: Brown and Turquoise make a wonderful team! Ankh variegates from purplish brown chocolate and mossy green to several shades of earthy turquoise with hints of amber and cobalt blue. I was reading an Egyptian series and listening to Terry Pratchett novels (but not at the same time!) when designing this colorway. Ankh was the only thing they had in common.

Mutating Variegates: Not just a gradient yarn… Not just a multi-hued variegate… Mutating Variegates are the best of BOTH! This is kaleidoscopic style of dyeing is so captivating and special! Each and every skein is hand-dyed individually and will be unique. We don’t offer coordinating colors, but do suggest some semi-solids that will pair well with this colorway.

Berry: Purple!!! This berry special colorway is a reboot from a club many years ago and has been one of the most asked after colorways we have ever done! Think raspberry sorbet, the purples and pinks of this colorway will fulfill your late night, sweet toothed, cravings!

Colorway: Boreal: Earthy, deep hues of green, golden grain, tawny orange, henna red and chocolatey purple. This colorway works well with any skin tone and is very flattering to wear. Dress it up or keep it mellow. Boreal is easy to fit into your wardrobe and the menfolk like it too.

Colorway: Blaze: Reds and oranges, magentas and golds. This colorway isn’t just warm, it’s blazing hot! Blaze consists of reds and oranges in many hues from deep wine to marigold yellow in one smooth transition. Fiery and glorious!

Colorway: Bliss: Delight in the joy this new colorway will bring to your life! A blissful combination of clear purple, happy blues in multiple shades melting to soft seafoam green.

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Colorway: Cavern: Cavern is a reboot from our “In Doors” “And Out” Club. Inspired by an Icelandic basalt cave, these unlikely colors adorn the entrance and draw you in! Soft pink, striking purple, cobalt blues, aquamarine and yellow green. Take a peek at a photo of this cave to get a feel for the majesty of this natural phenomena.

Colorway: Carousel: Like its namesake, this colorway is charming and merry. The colors run from a beautiful glowing orange to coral, pink, orchid, and end at deep purple. Can you hear the calliope playing that old song? Carousel is gorgeous in socks and fantastic for shawls.

Colorway: Circle: Cool greens and blues play nicely with purple and lime. Gorgeous and classy on Tasty and Yummy, our merino/cashmere/nylon yarns. The fresh variations that run through each color are like light dancing on tropical waters.

Colorway: Cold Snap: This colorway’s frosted blues, pine greens, friendly brown, and winter white make it easy to wear with a variety of looks. Inspiration came from the muffled silence of a cold winter’s hike interrupted by the cold snap of branches heavy with ice glinting in the sunshine.

Colorway: Dawn: Daybreak brings the promise of a new beginning. The first pink blush of dawn emerges from the deeper blues and purples of the early morning sky.

Colorway: Decadent: The Lazy days of summer have it made in the shade with this hazy, decadent colorway.  Greens and blues flow gently to purples and oranges.
This reboot from the Spring 2015 club was reformulated to work with our current dyes.  It has changed enough for us give it a new name.  Welcome back Decay.

Colorway: Discworld: Vibrant blue, soothing green, and neutral brown and gray. This colorway was inspired by Terry Pratchett’s Discworld: a flat world, the ocean running off the edges, balanced on the backs of four elephants standing on the back of a giant turtle swimming through space (Josh Kirby’s illustration can be viewed here, and Paul Kidby’s here). After Sir Terry Pratchett’s passing, I wanted to honor the mind that came up with characters as vibrant as any of our colorways: the god Nuggan unto whom the color blue is an abomination, Post Master Moist Von Lipwig (who sold stamps by making them look, and smell, like cabbages), the leather-armored and cardboard-booted Captain Vimes, and many more.

Colorway: Dissent: “I would like to be remembered as someone who used whatever talent she had to do her work to the very best of her ability.” from the mind of Notorious RBG straight to the heart of your Twisted Fiber Art Team! Intense and saturated Blues, Lavenders and Royal Purples.

Colorway: Downton: Beautiful sky blues perfectly united with classic gray. Inspired by my favorite dishy show by the same name, it’s the cat’s pajamas!

Colorway: Dusk: A still desert sky makes the slow transition from day to night in this mysterious, muted colorway. Steal the twilight with these sandy tans, gloaming grays, and midnight purples. Velvety-soft, calm, and lovely.

Colorway: Eclipse: Heavenly bodies in motion inspire amazing color! Soft Cream and solar yellow radiate to shadowy purple in this stellar colorway!

Colorway: Eventide: A solitary moment in time as day slips into night. Enjoy Eventide’s hazy purple, soft rose, and subtle apricot at any time of day.

Colorway: Fickle: Greenish-blue and purplish-pink with deeper blues and purples between. I can’t decide which part of Fickle I like best! This winsome colorway was popular in a past club. Both socks and shawls rock in Fickle!

Colorway: Fox: From the soft black snout to the bright bushy tail this colorway is looking to burrow its way into your stash! Originally a part of the “Look Down” club collection. Soft black, oranges and cream.

Colorway: Gloaming: Get your Glow on!  Peach and corals shimmer from deep hues of blue-green night.

Colorway: Grove: Sweep through a green grove filled with velvety rich purple Dahlias. Venture into the deep purple and giant grape blooms, surrounded by verdant green clover.

Colorway: Harmony: Delightful blue and green dance in harmonious fellowship. A tranquil balance of soft slate, teal, bright and spring greens.

Colorway: Heirloom: Heirloom tomatoes come in all shapes, sizes and flavor profiles. Plummy purple, juicy reds, bright golden oranges.

Colorway: High Tea: Plummy Purples and Cozy Browns combine elegantly in this timeless favorite. Brought back from our Downton Abbey Club.

Colorway: Highland: The Scottish Highlands are the inspiration for this club reboot from Meg’s trip to Europe a few years ago. Bright mossy greens, peat browns, rich mountain soil and the wiry coat of the Hairy Coo are represented in this lovely colorway.

Colorway: Ignite: Feel the slow burn of this colorways vibrant heat! Soft grey and charcoal smolder while deep reds and oranges set alight!
This colorway has been rekindled! Once known as Ember, Ignite is richer and more saturated than the previous version.

Colorway: Lagoon: Clear blue waters meet verdant foliage. From far away, socks knit from this colorway appear to be simple blue and green striped. Upon closer inspection (and who can resist inspecting hand-knit socks?) you will see lovely details and a variety of blues and greens that make up the two dominant colors. This is a good option for man-socks.

Gradient: Le Cirque: Inspired by a wonderful book, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. The magical realm of the circus is enhanced by a backdrop of black and white and all the grays between. Bold. Dramatic. This colorway is a great choice for a contrast with a brighter colorway for fair isle or stranded work or as a theatrical statement on its own. This colorway is black to palest gray.

Colorway: Leafy Greens: Superfoods at their finest! What better way to get your fiber than from this succulent green colorway? Dark green spinach, earthy kale, peppery arugula, silky butter lettuce.

Colorway: Leprechaun: A mystical fairy who has a love of shoes, grants wishes, and is willing to share his well-earned gold with the savvy human who finds his stash. That’s my kind of elf! Soft teal, shamrock green, bright chartreuse and all the hues in-between.

Colorway: Lovey: The most favorite of all the toys in the box! This soft colorway combines peach and coral with dusty browns and teal to create a squishy snuggly colorway to wrap yourself in.

Colorway: Manitou: Welcome to the banks of the Great Lake Michigan! Its rocky beaches and its clear blue waters are the inspiration for this vivid colorway. Come with us on a journey to discover the Legend of Mishe Mokwa, the sleeping bear who adorns the coastline of the Leelenau Peninsula.

Colorway: Mango: Sweet and juicy plucked fresh from the grove. The stuff of summertime and the nectar of the Gods. Soft corals and peach, blend imperceptibly to olive and green.

Colorway: Mermaid: Make a splash with this new colorway!  Vibrant Red, Pink, Purple, Green and Blue bring to mind a very special little mermaid.  Grab your dinglehopper and dive in!

Mystic: A crystal ball, the fog creeping in, it was a dark and stormy evening… Mystic is a Purple colorway from top to bottom.

Colorway: Mirage: An arid desert mirage shimmers on the horizon. The American Southwest motivated this soft colorway. Greens and blues heat up to purples and peach in this sun dappled colorway.

Colorway: My Neighbor: “I have always wanted to have a neighbor JUST LIKE YOU!” – Fred Rogers
This Limited Time colorway was introduced as our 2020 in person Colorway of The Year at the Vogue Knitting Live show in New York City. Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, it was only available at one more show before the rest of our schedule came to an abrupt halt. So, we decided to be neighborly and open up sales for this colorway to everyone for the rest of the calendar year! Soft Rosy Pink and Deep Dusty Rose.

Colorway: Netherfield: Genteel gold and brown with smatterings of verdant green and soft rose. They start dark and deep and fade to pale and airy. This is a warm and soothing colorway born of my devotion to all things Jane Austen.

Mutating Variegates: Not just a gradient yarn… Not just a multi-hued variegate… Mutating Variegates are the best of BOTH! This is kaleidoscopic style of dyeing is so captivating and special! Each and every skein is hand-dyed individually and will be unique. We don’t offer coordinating colors, but do suggest some semi-solids that will pair well with this colorway.

Colorway: Newton: Developed in honor of Newton, the bunny mascot that helped launch Knitty Magazine. Ten warm and fuzzy years later, Newton the bunny now has his own colorway. Soft grays and browns with nose-twitching pink and fuzzy-cottontail white. This colorway was also used in the creation of Cheezombie‘s Rabbitty toy bunny which debuted in the First Fall Issue of Knitty Magazine in June, 2013.

Colorway: Nessie: Shrouded in mystery and lore the elusive Loch Ness Monster has fascinated people the world over. Foamy greens, stormy sky gray, and heather purples swim together in our tribute to the mystical aquatic creature.

Colorway: Nomad: Deep amethyst purple, rich chocolatey browns and briar rose pink. Seek your fortune from the traveling people. Knit a bewitching shawl or a folksy pair of socks. This colorway looks lovely with brown, grays and denim. Please note that the rosy end dye is unpredictable and can create burgundy or scarlet smears and speckles. We think it’s pretty foxy knit up! (Formerly Gypsy)

Colorway: Noel: Just in time for the holidays this festive colorway will keep you warm when you get snowed in. Pine green, blue violet, and deep cranberry, this colorway is a joy to work with and wearable year round.

Colorway: Nymph: Deep blues, seaweed, kelp, and olive greens. This colorway is quite versatile and will go with so much. It can be masculine, but has a very feminine side as well. Gorgeous for shawls with a peacock motif and excellent for socks.

Colorway: Octarine: The colors go from a light, springy green through spruce, grey, lavender and pink. It is super funky and unique. The color combo is very eclectic but it works! Inspired by Color of Magic, a novel by Terry Pratchett. Octarine is the eighth color, somewhere between purple and green. Works for me!

Colorway: Oracle: The eyes are the window to the soul. It is said that an oracle can peer into your eyes and see your future. This colorway stares right back at you! Inspired by two of the prettiest eyes: Charcoal brightens softly into Taupe and blends perfectly with stunning olive Greens.

Colorway: Owl: From its piercing golden eyes to the tip of its tail feathers, Owl’s rich colors and subtle transitions will leave your head spinning! It’s golden yellow, tawny browns, and complex green have us watching the skies for the post!

Colorway: Pantastic:  Inspired by Pride month 2018 this colorway encompasses the accepting sentiments of the Pan community.  Hot Pink, Highlighter Yellow, and Bright Blue; this colorway is loud and PROUD!

Colorway: Paramour: Feminine and alluring. Flirty lipstick pink, sultry magenta, seductive orchid purple and stiletto heel black. Paramour unites several customer favorites colors in an easy to work with sweetheart of a colorway!

Colorway: PB&J: Penut, Penut Butter, Jelly! The perfect comfort food can now be a part of your wardrobe! Sweet raspberry purple and smooth creamy nut butter browns.

Colorway: Peace: Find your inner peace! This serene colorway will calm your soul and clear some room for some quiet introspection. Oceanside blues, heather grey, and sandy browns.

Colorway: Persephone: The Goddess of the Underworld and of Spring Growth is vibrantly personified in this colorway! Passionate, Juicy Pink, Hyacinth Purples, and deep, Storm-Sea Blues.

Colorway: Phantom: Deep and intense, this colorway combines teal, charcoal, a wide range of purples and a bit of fuchsia. All the hues are of similar depth, making this an excellent colorway for highly textured stitches and cables.

Colorway: Pinot Noir: Caviar, Myanmar, Mid-sized car. You don’t have to be popular to pull off this colorway! Inspired by Titus Andromedon of the Netflix series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and his signature color. Oak barrel brown, rose pinks, and wine red.

Colorway: Pond: A secret oasis in the middle of a dense wood. Pine tree scented air, cat tails swaying in the breeze, lily pads floating on the still water. Browns, Blues and Greens

Colorway: Precious: A delicate porcelain doll, a well loved blanket, this colorway conjures feelings of warmth and nostalgia.  Dainty and sweet, the dusty pinks and lavender blues blend seamlessly with subtle brown rounding out this precious colorway.

Colorway: Rare Earth: Fire up the kiln! Earthy Browns and Rusty Terracotta glazed with Salmons and Peach.

Colorway: Ravelry: An ode to the community we can NOT live without!  Ravelry is an essential part of our craft.  The iconic Pink and Green of our favorite tribe is represented here in all its glory.

Colorway: Raven: Quothe the raven “Nevermore”… Rich Purples, blues and blacks give the colorway the illusion of iridescence. This popular and long anticipated colorway originally in our “Look Up” club collection is back!

Rendezvous: Seamless blends of warm coral pinks, honey sweet orange, earthy browns and grays with a burst of cheery spring green make this a very wearable colorway. It works with almost any neutral background. While many of my favorites have changed over the years, this colorway has remained in my top 5 of all time since its inception in 2006.

Colorway: Roy G. Biv: The continuous spectrum of color. A rainbow colorway has been requested by many of you and we love to make you happy. Great for kids’ winter accessories.

Colorway: Salsa: Picture Salsa dancing by aqua blue Caribbean waters, eating chili-laced food with a cocktail sporting fruit on little sticks. Sunburnt orange and terra cotta into bright, beautiful teals. Salsa is sultry and high-contrast—not for the faint of heart!

Colorway: Seaglass: This colorway is back by popular demand! Inspired by a long walk along a sandy beach and finding that special, soft piece of glass made bright with polish. Bright Greens and Cobalt Blues make this colorway Bold and Beautiful!

Colorway: Sherwood. Picture a deep, thick forest hiding ever so many Merry Men (and Women) dressed in bright, festive garb. This colorway is about lots of greens with blue, orange and yummy magenta.
Mutating Variegates: Not just a gradient yarn… Not just a multi-hued variegate… Mutating Variegates are the best of BOTH! This is kaleidoscopic style of dyeing is so captivating and special! Each and every skein is hand-dyed individually and will be unique. We don’t offer coordinating colors, but do suggest some semi-solids that will pair well with this colorway.

Colorway: Silver Linings: Stormy Grey, Hazy Purple and Hopeful Hyacinth. This colorway is bursting with optimism, hope and possibility.  Storms will pass… dance in the rain!

Sorceress: The colors of this colorway take the imagination to another world of magic and mysticism. Bright blues, purples and pinks.

Colorway: Spice: Food without spice is well… bland! Aromatic and vibrant spices warm our senses in this fiery colorway. Cinnamon, Candied ginger, and Turmeric.

Colorway: Talisman: Rich and exotic blues and greens ending with an unexpectedly harmonious rusty red. Handsome in stripes, and impressive in shawls—both end hues provide a gorgeous pop of color. Words cannot describe how beautiful the Cornflower blue is in person. You’ll have to see it for yourself!

Colorway: Teacake. Pretty petit fours with delicate piped icing and sugared flower petals. An elegant treat for a sophisticated palate. This colorway is girly and happy and snuggly warm!

Mutating Variegates: Not just a gradient yarn… Not just a multi-hued variegate… Mutating Variegates are the best of BOTH! This is kaleidoscopic style of dyeing is so captivating and special! Each and every skein is hand-dyed individually and will be unique. We don’t offer coordinating colors, but do suggest some semi-solids that will pair well with this colorway.

Colorway: Tender: It’s a grandmas love, its a soft touch, this subtle purple and silver colorway will give you all the warm and fuzzys!

Colorway: Tomcat: A purrrfectly sweet pairing of my two favorite cat colors, ginger and gray. The ginger portion ranges from Tiger orange to pale coppery tan. The gray portion runs from a soft bluish gray to Black. Tomcat makes beautiful larger garments, but is full of fun in smaller projects like socks and hats.

Colorway: Totally: Totally! You will, like, not believe how totally cool this new colorway is! It is seriously awesome, it’s like, totally rad! Intense teal, cash green, goldenrod, creamsicle orange, HOT pink and gorgeous grape! Retired hippy knitters and crocheters will remember the groovy psychedelic art of Peter Max. Try it on Kabam! for a more pastel version.

Colorway: Treasured: This colorway shines bright with vintage grace! Its complex yellows, olive greens, and brown tinged grays will have you polishing off the tarnish and breathing new life into your most beloved family artifacts.

Colorway: Tuber: Yams and Sweet Potatoes, Rutabaga, and Turnips, the Tuber family of plants are the starchy comfort foods of the vegetable kingdom! Spicy Reds, Amber Browns, and Golden Cream.

Colorway: Unicorn: Friendship and magic and PINK, Oh My! From Purple to coral and every shade in-between, this colorway is sure to charm and delight.

Valkyrie. Strong and beautiful, Valkyrie makes a statement. Rich golds, black, dramatic purples and pinks combine in a complex and always changing design. With a spear in one hand and drinking horn in the other, this colorway is armed, dangerous and ready to party!

Mutating Variegates: Not just a gradient yarn… Not just a multi-hued variegate… Mutating Variegates are the best of BOTH! This is kaleidoscopic style of dyeing is so captivating and special! Each and every skein is hand-dyed individually and will be unique. We don’t offer coordinating colors, but do suggest some semi-solids that will pair well with this colorway.

Colorway: Velvet: Lush plum, deep wine, smooth apricot and sweet caramel. Rich and intense but luxuriously soft at the same time. Does anyone else hear Barry White singing “Can’t get enough of your love, baby”?

Wanderer: Not all who wander are lost. Wide open spaces beckon and visions of mountains and green valleys are called to mind in this pretty easy to wear colorway. Inspired by Meg’s travel wardrobe, these colors accompanied her in her wanderings through Europe.

Warlock: Robes sweeping, air crackling with power, and otherworldly realms at the edge of vision. Imagination we’ve got. Violet, indigo and gray, got that too! Bring a little magic into your life!

Wilderness: Wildflower and heather purples mellow into earthy, coffee browns and then to bold olive green. The changes in hue are smooth and easy creating beautiful stripes and eye-catching evolutions.

Colorway: Winter Pine: An Icy walk deep through the Michigan woods. Crisp and clear Blue into rich emerald Greens and the green-brown of mossy bark.

Zen: Midnight blues transition peacefully to tranquil aquamarine in this soothing colorway. Brought back from our Tranquil Club, Zen is a fan favorite.

Colorway: Zion: A purple canyon. Shades of pink and orange layered in the rock face. The glow of the sun illuminating the red walled chasms. These are the meditative colors of Zion National Park in Utah. Experience their beauty in a whole new way with this majestic and enchanting colorway.

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