Projects We Love: Sideways

Lagoon KS
Traveling Roses Scarf by Leanne (To Knit is Divine) in Lagoon on Kabam.
Knit by phoquess


Projects We Love


Picking a project to use an evolution or gradient can be a bit intimidating if you have not worked with one before. The “go to” project is one that is worked either top down or bottom up. But as you can see in this issue, working a project from edge to edge has a very unique effect. When completed colors are layered one upon the other presenting a rich feast of color!

phoquess is an East Coast transplant who enjoys knitting, spinning, sewing and weaving. She is a fantasy and sci-fi writer and has a wonderful blog entitled Sheep and Horses. Check it out to see more of her projects from all fiber genres and get a bonus peek of some very cute furry babies as well!

Twisted News:

New Things

New Show Addition!

After the success of our trip to NYC for Vogue we have decided to make a last minute addition to our show schedule. We will be in Santa Clara California at the end of THIS MONTH for Stitches West at the Santa Clara Convention Center in booth #842. Since this is the first time we are braving a show so far away, we will only have a single booth. But, we will bring plenty of stock and we will be accepting new orders as well.
Shout out to our West Coast Twisties – See You There!

Rustic or Retro Club

The first shipment of our “Rustic or Retro” club has been shipped and is in most of the hands of our members! The response has been pretty great! If you are interested in checking out the colors this month head on over to Ravelry. We have dedicated “Spoiler” threads set up for each collection where club members can post pictures of their goodies. We do this so that those who can’t wait for their packages can peek at what they will be receiving, and those who like the surprise can avoid pictures until their package arrives.
Summer club sign up begins in June!

Show Specials:

Did You Know?

We have some perks that you can take advantage of if you come out to see us when we are on the road at a show. These exclusives are available at every show we attend and are not available online.

If you have a finished object created exclusively with our yarn, wear it to the show and receive 15% off one cake of yarn!

Each year we have an exclusive colorway that is available in person only. It is not listed on our website. The 2017 show exclusive colorway is Pleiades.

Pleiades is named for an open star cluster containing “Middle-Aged, Hot B-type Stars located in the Constellation of Taurus” (we can totally relate teeheehee!) It is identifiable by hot blue, and extremely luminous stars.

Our Pleiades goes from soft periwinkle blue, through shades of purple ending in a robust stout.

Patterns and Projects:

More to Explore

Wilderness AL
Yowza! Check out the fringe on that one! This Early Morning Rain abstract crescent shawl/scarf by Mindy Ross is a work of art! Each section is different and the pattern is meant “to be read like your favorite book, with each chapter brining its own delightful portion of the ‘novel'”. Not for TV knitting – this pattern takes focus!
Knitted by flickner
Cabana MS
Cabana was a beloved colorway from a club a few years ago. This one was knitted up by club member kmhutchins30 on Muse. If you look closely you can see some beads she used to embellish this edge to edge project.
Roy G Biv TX
The color is the star of this Desert Waves Scarf by Cassie Castillo. Roy G Biv is simply stunning on Tasty and the drape you get from the cashmere base can not be beat! This rectangle scarf has a repeatable pattern that can go and go and go until you have used up all of the color. It’s construction allows you to get every last inch of rich, luxurious color and fiber into the project. Beautiful job semperbufo!

Effective Immediately

Waterlily has been Retired

One of our all time favorite colorways has been yet another victim of 2016. Waterlily has been reformulated a whopping 5 times and this time there was no resuscitating her. It is with a heavy heart we say goodbye to this unique and beautiful colorway.

Waterlily: Inspired by the Impressionist works of Claude Monet in both colors and the movement and interaction of the colors. Rich to shadowy greens and blues dappled into a soft lavender.

Starting today, February 4, 2017

What’s In?

Blaze, Circle, Little Boy Blue, Passion, Vesuvius, Warlock

Starting Friday, February 24, 2017

What’s Out?

Bookworm, Dapper, Nomad, Pesto, Quip, Tomcat, Wilderness, Yonder

Come See Us:

On The Road

Stitches WestStitches West

Santa Clara California
February 23 – 26 2017

This is the biggest Stitches event we have ever attended and we couldn’t be more excited!

Spring Fiber Expo

April 8th – 9th
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm

Join us for a fiber fantasy at the Washtenaw Farm Council grounds in Ann Arbor Michigan.
$4 admission – one day
$6 admission – two days

Stitches Midwest
Shaumburg Convention Center

August 3-6, 2017
Join us in the Windy City for this region’s biggest show!
Vendors and Classes and Fiber – Oh My!

Published by twistedfiberart

Twisted was started in 2005 as a way to help support my family while I was a stay-at-home mom until I went back to work. Eventually I realized I was at work. I think it's safe to say that Twisted is going to be around for a while! I was lucky to start selling my handspun around the time Etsy was catching on. I learned a lot about yarn and knit fabrics and what I wanted them to look like. This information was crucial to the development of my current process. Soon I was selling lots of striping sock yarn (mostly Arial and Duchess). Demand grew and so did Twisted. Aggie came to work with me. She could skein so precisely and measure dyes so accurately! (I still miss her. But she is now a stay-at-home mom and volunteer for animal rescue and I wish her well!) While she was here we moved to our current studio space and switched to our own website. My mother, Anne, is even more experienced with computers than she is with knitting (very!). She helped a ton with the new site which allows for more options, customization and flexibility. She also does our sample knitting and lots of random yarn and computer tasks. My husband does the books and washes the yarn. Both of our kids help out as their busy schedules permit. I love having a family business! I was lucky to start selling from my own site about the time Ravelry was catching on. I think that might be the magic ingredient to my small business success! Thank you Casey and Jess! As much as I love striping sock yarn, I was longing to move in a new direction: Evolutions. This had been part of my master plan from the beginning, but sock yarn kept me busy until I couldn't hold it in any longer. Then I really needed more help! Anne Bohl joined the team and added her style and skills to the mix. She quickly became indispensable and is now a partner in the business. We are both so grateful for the opportunity to be able to put our families first while helping support our families and interact with the lovely yarn community! Thanks to all of you for making this possible! The Twisted Studio was housed in the servant's quarters of my 150 year old Italianate home for seven years until we were bursting at the seams. We are now located around the corner in a great store called Kean's - a crafter's paradise that has been run by the same family for nearly 100 years. It is the cutest store around and we are lucky to have enough space there to do the dyeing for our webstore as well as a small but beautiful retail spot. So come see us, we'd love to meet you face to face! See store hours, address and contact info here. Cheers! Meg

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